Nikka Ramen Restaurant Photo

Nikka Ramen – Goleta, California

Welcome to the Nikka Ramen website, located at 5701 Calle Real in Goleta, Calfornia. Nikka Ramen is a traditional Japanese ramen house restaurant, serving up delicious ramen in the greater Santa Barbara area. Dine-in or take-out from Nikka Ramen and enjoy the best ramen in Goleta CA.

Our Tonkotsu broth soup cooks for over 24 hours.

Nikka Ramen cooks its Tonkotsu soup broth for over 24 hours in Tonkotsu (Pork Bones) on high heat, allowing the gelatin in the bone to dissolve in the soup. This gives our ramen soup a milky white color and a unique savory flavor. Learn more about all the delicious ramen options and other healthy dishes available at Nikka Ramen by visiting our restaurant location in Goleta, California or checking out the Nikka Ramen menu.